Two proud, very powerful rivals control San Myshuno County. On one side is philanthropist and the CEO of Gray, Lewis and Associates,  Jonathan Gray, the other is embittered, ruthless partner, Merlyn Lewis Sr. the oil tycoon and land baron. These two families were once partners, responsible for building the communities of San Myshuno and Willow Creek, until a business deal gone wrong, and the love of a woman, began a rivalry and a power struggle that would have lasting consequences for generations to come.

Stuck in the crossfire of this great rivalry, are the ordinary, everyday citizens of San Myshuno County, who will become pawns, sacrificing their jobs, their principles and in some case even their lives, in this war of ideologies. This is their story.

Generation One: Blue Hearts

Generation Two: Sins of the Father

Generation Two: Hit & Run Mini-Series

Generation Two/Three: Dynasties

Generation Three: Passing Torches

Generation Three: The Fall

Generation Three: End Game